Volvo V40 2017: the first test
|   Thursday, August 11, 2016
Volvo renews its version, the Volvo V40 Cross Country, improving the equipment and aesthetically adapting it to the new image of the Swedish brand.
The Volvo V40 big changes have been made to the front, where we find some new headlights with the "Hammer of Thor"design. This design already premiered in the Volvo XC90 and Volvo S90, and has become a unique aesthetic detail to the full range of Volvo. In addition, in this update of the Volvo V40 range, the front displays the new "iron symbol" Volvo, which is now bigger and more striking.

In this 2017 Volvo V40 we found a new color chart with five new car body colors: Amazon Blue, Denim Blue, Bursting Blue Mussel Blue and Luminous Sand.
The inside consists in new finishes for the full range of Volvo V40, Volvo V40 including Cross Country and R-Design sports versions. The new equipment includes aluminum inserts for the interior panels, new City Weave upholstery, black coating for the roof, skid plates for the R-Design and Inscription finishes and the upgraded application of Volvo On Call.

Volvo V40 2017: Technology
The Volvo On Call app is offered for Smartphones with one of these operating systems: Android, iOS or Windows 10, in addition to Apple Watch, Android Wear and Microsoft Band 2. This renewed application has a calendar integration feature that will connect the personal agenda with the mobile app and allow you to send the destination of scheduled appointments directly to the navigation function. Another novelty is the possibility of extending its coverage to a maximum of 10 vehicles, making all the functions of a small fleet of cars accessible. It is ideal for companies or rent-a-car.

Another new feature of the new Volvo V40 is the CleanZone technology. It is a filtering system that eliminates harmful contaminants you normally find in large cities, in addition to significantly reducing natural allergens carried by the air.

Volvo V40 2017: engines
The engines fitted to the new range Volvo V40 and Volvo V40 Cross Country are 4-cylinder and 100% of Volvo, the latest generation of T and D engines developed by the Swedish manufacturer.

The Volvo V40 has three 120, 150 and 190 hp diesel engines and two petrol engines of 122 and 245 horses. In the Volvo V40 Cross Country, the gasoline engines are divided into 152, 190 and 245 hp and diesel 120, 150 and 190 hp.
Volvo offers these variants for a six-speed gear box , except for the most powerful version equipped with an automatic eight-speed gear box. This automatic transmission is offered as an option for the diesel engine of 190 hp while the rest of the range is provided with optional automatic six-speed gearbox.

Volvo V40 Cross Country
The Volvo V40 Cross Country is unlike his brother V40 in terms of dynamics and aesthetics. The most striking aspects are the black plastic protections of the wheel arches and bumpers. In addition, bars have been incorporated into the roof to transport luggage, giving the car a more adventurous touch. Dynamically, comparing the changes found in the renovated Volvo V40 Cross Country, this model is 40 mm higher than a "normal" V40. The most powerful gasoline versions are equipped with all-wheel drive system and control descent. The rest of the range cannot be equipped with these two systems. It is striking that Volvo has not submitted a diesel version equipped with AWD.
To purchase a Volvo V40 Cross Country we have pay approximately 1,300 euro more than for his brother the V40.

Volvo V40 2016: engines
The Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country had great ride quality and a very noble behavior. The 2017 versions do not abandon these two aspects but emphasize them, apart from improving the sound insulation and in some dashboard materials. It is the current best-selling Volvo in Europe and the second most sold in the world, and the upgrade that has received includes more technology, more refined mechanics and a more modern aesthetics.

Volvo V40 2016: prices
The renewed Volvo V40 T2 has a very interesting price promotion. It starts from 19,650 euro including four years of maintenance. This price includes the PIVE promotion and financing plan with the brand. The Volvo V40 Cross Country also takes advantage of this promotion and is available from 22,050 euro.
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