Unique Concept From The USSR - Meet The Cars That Never Reached The Assembly Line
|   Saturday, September 17, 2016
In the history of each automobile manufacturer there are automobile concepts and prototypes which were built to bring down new records or to test new technologies, but which never saw the assembly line. Below, we present you 12 unique concepts constructed in the former USSR!

1. Moskwich-G2

Built in 1956 by A.I. Gladilin and Î.I. Okunev, the Moskvitch G2 broke numerous speed records over long distances and even won the USSR championship in 1959, only to later be dismantled for spare parts!

2 .

In 1982, two engineers from the suburbs of Leningrad, Dmitry Parfenov and Gennady Hainov decided to build their own car using only original parts manufactured and designed separately. Even the engine was completely new and for which they were appreciated even by Mikhail Gorbachev. The concept was presented at international motor shows but did not come to be produced.


This is a new project developed and built entirely in home conditions. The project’s author, the engineer Yuri Algebraistov worked on the car for eight years, and her work has been fully rewarded, the model being extremely appreciated at international exhibitions. Even if it was successful, the car did not pass the prototype stage, and of the two models produced only one remained alive, taking on board more than 500,000 kilometers.

4 .NAMI Okhta

National Research Institute, NAMI, made possible the construction of the concept Okhta, equipped with a third row of seats and offering ample space for seven passengers. The front seats could be turned 180 degrees while the middle row could be easily transformed into a desk. This was the first Russian concept of a car with a versatile interior but and stayed only a simple concept.
5. Istra

A truly futuristic prototype introduced in the years 1985-1988, and built by the AZLK plant, for the “Istra” project. It was equipped with a diesel engine, mated to an automatic transmission and came with standard air conditioner. Currently, the car is abandoned at one of the AZLK factories.
6. Gas-Aero

What you see in the picture is the first attempt by engineer Alexei Nikitin to create an aerodynamic car. GAZ-A-Aero was built on a wooden chassis and the body panels were made of metal. This picture made in 1934 is one of the few memories of the Aero concept.

7. Pobeda-Sports

This strange vehicle called Pobeda-Sport, won three championships in 1950, 1955 and 1956 being the first true sport car built in the USSR. A mix between a regular car and a military one, amended by an engineer specialized in aeronautical sciences.

8. Pangolina

The Pangolina was a race car built by Alexander Kulygin and presented at the International Motor Show in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It can now be seen only in a museum.

9. ZIS-112. 1951

Extravagant design with a single light in the middle, and a radiator grille reminiscent of a jet engine – even these attributes could not save this concept from death. The car offered only three seats, measured approximately six meters and weighed more than two tons.

10. Belka

Yuri Dolmatovsky created in the 1940s the concept “Belka”, which served as a landmark for the first MPVs produced in the USSR. The car drew attention to it in numerous newspapers and magazines, but finally came to the junkyard. Later, the United States was presented with the Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier, inspired by the Belka.


This is the first maxi-taxi created by Russian experts in the 1950s. The minivan’s project was abandoned soon after. It was too expensive to see actual production.

12. Gas Torpedo

Another product of aeronautics, the Gas Torpedo was built to bring down new speed records. Its body was made of ultra-light materials like aluminum, and weighs only 1,100 kilograms, despite measuring 6.3 meters. Unfortunately, the results obtained during tests did not impress the engineers and the car spends the remaining years of its life in the museum.
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