Top 5 Car Brands No Longer in Production
|   Friday, September 08, 2017
To survive in the automotive world, manufacturers must be on time, launch competitive, reliable and enjoyable cars.
In the history of the car there are hundreds of brands, which for one reason or another, have ceased to exist because of lack of finances, erroneous decisions and so on.

Next is a list of car brands that are now defunct or inactive, and no longer produce cars.
1. Mercury (1938-2010)
Being created by Ford as an early premium brand, Mercury was positioned between the Ford and Lincoln brands.
Among the most successful models was Mercury Cougar, which entered the pony-car segment in 1967.
The issue of the latest Mercury models was similar to that of the Plymouth models, being just a Ford with the Mercury logo. In 2008, Ford started a company to attract more women, which failed and further damaged the brand image. So, in 2010 Ford decided to drop Mercury, deciding to focus on the Ford and Lincoln brands.

2. Hummer (1992-2010)
Hummer began in 1992 when AM General began selling the Hummer H1 (initially called HMC4) - a model derived from the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), the US Army vehicle launched in 1984. But because of higher fuel prices, lack of practicality, they have lost their viability.
GM decided that Hummer will not have continuity after they went bankrupt in 2009. The brand has been kept for a year, for a potential sale to the Chinese, which failed. The legendary Hummer H1, however, was revived in 2017 under the name Humvee C-Series thanks to VLF Automotive.

3. SAAB (1945-2011)
The Swedish manufacturer was the one who brought supercharged engines into large-scale production with the SAAB 900 Turbo.
In 2010, SAAB appeared to be rejuvenated by launching the 9-5 model of the new generation. Then it was sold to Spyker, and due to its financial problems, SAAB went bankrupt. The company's assets are now owned by NEVS (Swedish company with Chinese capital).
However, it cannot sell its electric models based on the old SAAB 9-3, under the SAAB brand because they do not have naming rights. So, technically, SAAB continues to live, but can no longer be called SAAB…

4. De Tomaso (1959-2015)
Initially, the Italian brand produced prototypes and racing cars, including Formula One models.
The production of the Guara model, which was launched in 1993, was ended in 2004, when the company was liquidated. In 2009, the rights to the De Tomaso brand were acquired by Gian Mario Rossignolo, and a new company was set up to produce SUVs, luxury sedans and two-door sports cars.
In 2011, the concept of a luxurious SUV, called Deauville, was presented, which was just at a concept stage.
This happened because Rossignolo was arrested in 2012 because he misused 7.5 million euros of public funds. This turned to be the end of the brand, which did not revive for the second time.

5. Scion (2003-2016)
The latest car brand that has ceased to exist is also the youngest on this list. Scion was created by Toyota in 2003 to attract young people.
But now Toyota also focuses on models dedicated to young people, and Scion's meaning made no sense. After 13 years of existence, Scion was “killed” by Toyota, and its models were transformed into regular Toyota models, with the exception of Scion iA which was based on Mazda2 Sedan, renamed to Toyota Yaris iA.
The Scion FR-S Sport-car has also turned into Toyota 86 (GT86 in Europe).
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