Sometimes you have to wonder who is smoking what!!
|   Saturday, October 27, 2012
This all stems from something that caught our eye on Yahoo Autos today as that bastion of "automotive correctness" and "keeper of the automotive flame" – "Motor Trend" – speculated on the new or current 10 vehicles it considered the most likely to become classics over time – a la the Bugatti Royale.

(We do doubt they could spell it right, let alone know the fact that there were only eight of the hand-built coaches ever made for the then-King of Siam/Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam today.
Nor, do we think that, unless anyone in the collective blogosphere over there could actually read something other than a Marvel Comic Book version of the "Cars that Super Heroes Drive" which put them in the mood to speculate about today's cars that will have:

An impact on today's automotive world
Retain and gain value over the long haul
That something that says this is a jewel like the 1903 Curved-Dash Olds (done by none other than Ransom E. Olds, founder of Oldsmobile)

Still, the heroes over at "Motor Trend" decided they know better than the rest of the world – they probably have a better idea than most because they are the folks who get the majority of the press test drive fleet – it used to be spread more evenly – because they've never met a car they don't like.

Just a quick example, this year's "car of the Year" is the new Mercedes-Benz GLK series. Unfortunately, though it's a good series and all, it's really a crossover vehicle that, the company claims, has more than 1,000 improvements or at least 1,000 new patents. We can't say for certain because we don't have a all of the patent drawings and specifications, so we have to take M-B at its word (their commercial smashing through a supposed cement wall and turning in this smaller, lighter vehicle with a different set of wheels and completely different lines is more than a bit hard to believe because cement doesn't give like the commercial, although adobe does, so they've probably painted an adobe wall to look like cement to make the commercial work).

You know that "MotorTrend" doesn't give its "Car of the Year" Award away lightly (the company that promises the most advertising seems to be the one that get it so if this month's magazine seems a bit M-B-heavy, you'll understand why. It's not that the GLK isn't a great series, it is, but we just wish "MotorTrend" were a little more honest about it. M-B is.

That said, here are the cars that "MotorTrend" are going to stand the test of time to become the fortunes of the future:

Shelby Ford GT-500: That the late Carroll Shelby, the industry's best engine blue-printer and tuner, was able to extract almost 600 horsepower from a turbocharged 5.8-liter engine and stuff it all under the skin of the existing Mustang and because so few were built, the M-T staff was probably right with this one. Already, the costs are astronomical and it's a 2012.

Mitsu Lancer Evo X: This model and this model alone may or may not do it. Only time will tell from other Evos we've seen, we wouldn't hold our breath.

Nissan GT-R: A possibility, if it holds up for the long term. Yes, it's a performer; will it become a true classic, well M-T thinks so; for us the class is still out.

Saab 9-5: M-T set its own rules and then violated them by saying the car had to be on sale now and Saab is in bankruptcy. A real Saab, though, if maintained well, will hold its value because of its name, not because M-T says it will.

SRT Viper Launch Edition: How many Vipers does it take to make a classic; two, three – M-T seems to say this is the one (it's about the third launch of the Viper). Will it, only time will tell?

Tesla Model S Performance: An all-electric that hits 190 and had a fiber body, we'd have to agree.

BMW M3: Yawn.

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon: Super niche wagon where it will be a hit: rest of the world, yawn.

Corvette ZR-1: Good chance, we'd agree with M-T.

Fisker Karma: Definite.
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