Price for new versions BMW 5-Series announced
|   Friday, May 19, 2017

BMW completes the range of the 5 Series in July with several new engine variants, both the Sedan and Touring. The new starting price is 55.296 euros.

From the summer you have more to choose from in the new BMW 5 Series. BMW produces from July several new variants including the 520i petrol version. Which has an output of 184 hp, making the new entry-level model. The starting price collapses by the arrival of the 520i with 2,000 euros to 55.296 euros.

Other new engine versions adds the BMW 525d diesel version with 232 hp and the 540d with 320 hp. The latter delivers standard BMW with xDrive all-wheel drive. The 540d is not yet the new top diesel, that honor is reserved for the previously announced M550d. Its price is 109 295 euro. For now BMW delivers this performance only as a sedan.

The range of the 5 Series Touring is extended from July with xDrive variants of the 530i and 520d. All new rates can be found in the table below.
Pricing new models BMW 5 Series Sedan
520iA 184 hp 55.296 euro
525dA 231 hp 66 806 euro
540dA xDrive 320 hp 83 807 euro
M550dA xDrive 400 hp 109 295 euros

Pricing new models BMW 5 Series Touring
520iA 184 hp 58 297 euro
530iA xDrive 252 hp 70 713 euro
520dA xDrive 190 hp 69 311 euro
525dA 231 hp 71 080 euro
540dA xDrive 320 hp 87 849 euro
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