Peugeot Coming To Goodwood With The 308 GTi And 308 R Hybrid
|   Tuesday, June 30, 2015
The new 308 GTi from Peugeot Sport will make its first laps at the Festival of Speed at Goodwood. The event will also mark the launch in Europe of the new 308 R Hybrid, a genuine compact sedan with performance worthy of a supercar.

The Festival of Speed at Goodwood has made a name since 1993 as a true auto garden party, one of the finest in the world, which certainly cannot be missed by any car enthusiasts.

The Goodwood 2015 edition promises great things.
Peugeot, besides the fact that it will take advantage of this 23rd edition to launch two new sports models, will celebrate no less than 10 anniversaries at its stand, rich in activities dedicated to enhancing the DNA of the brand in the present, past and future.

The third production model developed by Peugeot Sport engineers after the Peugeot RCZ R and 208 GTi 30 is the new effervescent lion and is called the 308 GTi.
The model comes to crown the 308 range with the latest sports version powered by the 1.6L THP S & S rated at 200 kw (270 hp). With 380 mm disc brakes at the front, 19-inch wheels fitted with Michelin Super Sport tires, limited Torsen type slip differential, and a ground clearance lowered by 11 mm the new model simply sticks to the asphalt and can reach 100 km/h in 6 seconds!

Within the Goodwood Festival, the model will be exhibited at the Peugeot stand with Franche Coupe equipment which combines "Perla Nera" black tones with the new shade of "Ultimate Rouge" red.

Visitors will also have the chance to see for the first time in Europe the new ultra efficient all-wheel drive Peugeot 308 R Hybrid, powered by a set of plug-in hybrid drive that can develop 500 hp, of which 270 are supplied from the 1.6 l THP combustion engine to which the two electric motors of 115 horses are added, attached to the front and rear axles.

The new car has four driving modes (Hot Lap, Track, Road and ZEV) able to provide different power levels, giving the impression that it is prepared to simply swallow the road ahead. With a maximum torque of 730 Nm and a surprising power to weight ratio of 3.1 kg/hp, the model offers exceptional performance levels for a sedan: in just four seconds it reaches 100 km/h, the maximum speed is limited to 250km/h and the emission level stands at just 70 g of CO2/km!

No less than 10 candles will be blown by Peugeot in 2015 to celebrate the auto adventure that began in 1890: 125 years with over 65 million vehicles sold worldwide. In fact, 6 of the reference models will be exhibited, and 2015 is the perfect occasion to celebrate some of the most beautiful victories of an exceptional sporting heritage:
• 125 years since their onset in the automotive world;
• 80 years for the 402;
• 60 for the 403;
• 50 years for the 204;
• The passing of 50 years since the 40 records set by the 404 Diesel at the Montlhéry;
• 50 years for the J7;
• 40 years for the 604;
• 30 years for the 309;
• 30 years after the first title won by the 205 Turbo 16 at the World Rally Championship;
• 15 years after the first title won by the 206 WRS at the World Rally Championship.
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