Logos of different top automobile manufacturing brands and the history behind them
|   Monday, May 20, 2013
History of Logos
Every big name in the automobile industry has a background, some history and a beginning that has led to their phenomenal success. It is very interesting to study the history of these different companies and especially the history behind the logos of these big brands.

As the brands of the automobile manufacturing world that are going to be discussed in this article have already established a place and status for itself in the market, the logos of these brands merely represent the brand name.
However, when these companies originally started out, the logos were cleverly designed to symbolise some views and ideas that would be the motto or agenda of the company in the future.


Abarth is the name of the sports division of Fiat. The logo of Abarth is in the shape of a shield. The name of the brand is at the top of the logo and under it are the three colours of the Italian national flag in a thin strip, as the brand started in Turin, Italy. The major part of the logo s a scorpion, the astrological sign of Karl Abarth, the founder of the brand. The yellow and red colour in the background shows the brands interest in racing.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is yet another brand with a fascinating logo. The brand, owned by Fiat, is an Italian brand. The logo of this brand changed many times over the years. The common aspects of all the logos are the Red Cross found in the Milan flag, a grass snake holding a man in its jaw, representing the power of man to stand against oppression and competition, and the words Alfa Romeo and Milano written, separated by two knots.


Audi is a big name in the automobile manufacturing world, with the four rings in its logo being one of the most easily recognisable logos of all time. The logo seems to have multiple meanings. It symbolises the merger of four manufacturers in the year 1932. Common belief is also that the logo dates way back and has some connection with the five rings in the Olympic symbol.


The Bavarian Motor Company or Bayerische Motoren Warke is one of the biggest names in automobile industry. Yes, it is BMW that comes with a strong history in aviation industry. The logo of BMW has the blue and white colours, which are also found in the Bavarian flag, to respect its place of origin. Some people believe that the logo also symbolises a white propeller in blue sky, representing the company's history in aviation.


Buick is yet another company that has seen many changes in the logo of the company. The initial logo had the Buick Designation. The next variation came with three shields, representing the three models of the car that were made till that time. It was then changed into a Hawk in a black background marking a new designing era in the company that was again changed to the three shields, the present logo of the brand.


Cadillac has also seen a few changes in the logos, especially under Grand Motors as they changed their six birds and the crown and crest logo, although a similar looking logo still remains. The original logo as well as the designation was designed inspired by the name of the aristocrat Antoine de La Mothe, Seigneur de Cadillac.


Chevrolet does not have an inspiring story for their logo, and the plus in the logo is supposed to be derived either off wallpaper that the founder saw on a hotel. The other concept is that the wife of the founder noticed the symbol in a newspaper and suggested it to the founder.


Ferrari has the black dancing horse in red background as its logo. This logo has many interesting stories and background related to it. One idea is that Count Francesco Baracca from Italian air force in World War I inspired the logo. Another idea is that the symbol was on a German pilot's plane that crashed. The logo might also come from the love of horse that the founder's family had.


Fiat has a very simple logo compared to the other, the name of the brand in red background. Originally the logo had the full designation of the brand, Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. The background of the logo was previously blue. The logo changed many times.


Ford has the brand designation in blue background as its logo, a logo that is supposed to be designed by Harold Wills. The design made by Wills was by using the font used on business cards and his own printing equipments, which adds a twist to the tale.


The logo of Jaguar aptly follows the name of the brand, and the performance of the cars manufactured by the brand, a black jaguar. The swift and smooth mammal is no wonder the inspiration for the logo.


Lamborghini has a bull, the founder's zodiac sign, along with the companies name as logo, a pretty simplistic approach and does not bear the Italian flag.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz has a three pointed star as its logo. This has a simple interpretation, dominance of the brand on land, sea and air. The three pointed star logo had many facelifts in the due course of time. However, right at the time when the logo first saw daylight, it was said that the star on the logo will shine and so will the company.


Porsche has the Stuttgart's symbol accompanied by red antlers and all the other arms of Kingdom of Wurttemberg as its logo. The horse on the symbol is common to Porsche and Ferrari. The details about the rest of the attributes of the logo are uncertain.

Among some of the other leading brands with interesting logos that have a history is Mitsubishi. The meaning of the logo is a matter of discussion but the three diamond logo is pretty famous.
Peugeot also has an interesting logo with many interpretations, the French Lion badge.
Renault after many changes has settled in with the Diamond badge as their logo.
Skoda also has a simple logo, the designation with the winged arrow in green and black surroundings.
Subaru has an interesting six star logo with interesting interpretations.
SAAB uses its designation along with a coat of arms of the Count von Skane as its logo.
The logo of Toyota is made of three different ovals.
Volvo uses the old symbol of iron as its logo while Volkswagen has had the famous VW logo for a long time.
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