26 Successful Years For Renault's Clio
|   Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Renault's Clio compact hatchback is one of the most significant French models ever created. For 26 years, four Renault Clio generations were sold over 13 million copies. Clio was the bestselling French car ever and the most popular model in France in the last 18 years, but also the most popular model in the segment in Europe between 2014 and 2015.

In 1991 and 2006, the first and respectively third generation Clio, were named Car of the Year in Europe.
Clio is the only model in the history of the award, to receive this distinction twice.
And the achievements list is quite impressive indeed.

First Generation
Being launched in June of 1990, the first generation Clio Renault surprised the audience with several innovations in the segment to which it belongs - ABS, air conditioner, automatic gearbox, electronically controlled alarm, power steering, mirrors with heating and electric adjustment. To satisfy demanding customers, the Clio Baccara luxury version was launched which had a different interior, lined with leather, chrome elements and wood inlays.

In 1993 the special edition called Clio Williams appears, in honor of the Formula 1 team. Externally, the Clio Williams differed by a modified bonnet and bumpers, flared wings, golden rims, blue bodywork. Under the hood an engine with a displacement of 2.0 liters was contained, which developed 147 hp and could reach215 km / h. And now, the Clio Williams is considered one of the best hot hatches in history.

Second Generation
In 1998 the second generation Renault Clio appears which increased length by 7 cm in and received engines with 16 valves, ABS and side airbags on all versions. The second generation was not spared from dynamic models, thanks to the launching of Renault Clio Sport with 169 horsepower under the hood.
However, the Renault Clio Sport was not the most performant. In 2001 the French launched a true car – the Renault Sport Clio V6 Hatchback, which had rear-wheel drive and a V6 engine rated at 230 hp, taken from the Laguna, which was centrally mounted.After the 2003 facelift its power was increased to 255 hp! And so far this version is one of the most radical models created for a car in this segment.

Third Generation
In 2005, the third generation Clio appears which became longer (3.99 meters), more spacious and safer, receiving a 5-star EuroNCAP safety rating. This Clio was the first that offered a station wagon version called Sport Tourer.

The French continued Clio's sporting character through the launch of the Clio Renault Sport, which offered 197 hp. Although in 2012 the fourth generation appears, Clio III continues to be produced until 2014 in France and Spain, under the name of Clio Collection.

Fourth Generation
In 2012, the current generation Renault Clio is launched, the fourth that has grown in size, now standing at 4.06 meters in length, receiving a sophisticated design inspired by the exceptional concept, Renault DeZir unveiled in 2010.

Clio's dynamism has been continued by the introduction of the Clio R. S. with 200 hp in 2013, and Clio R.S. Trophy with 220 hp in 2015.
Recently, specialists from Renault Clio impressed the public with the R.S. 16, with ingredients taken from the Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R. If this model would be put into production, it would become the most dynamic Clio ever produced.
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