2017 BMW 5-Series Ready To Go Into Production! Will Hit The Showrooms in early 2017!
|   Monday, September 26, 2016
The seventh Generation of BMW 5-Series will be built at BMW Group Plant in Dingolfing, Lower Bavaria.
Production of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan will start before the end of the year to be ready for launch in early 2017.
In preparation for the new model, the plant in Dingolfing has been subjected in recent months to a long process of renovation and construction.
Several hundred million euros have been invested in measures that include a new body shop in the western part of the plant and restructuring powertrain plant in the automobile assembly department.

"Dingolfing will remain our center of competence for the production of upper class BMWs" says Oliver zips, Member of the Administration Board and in charge with production.
Apart from the production of all BMW 7-Series and BMW 6-Series, the location will continue to produce all variants of the new BMW 5-Series and will be the main production plant for the international network of the 2017 BMW 5-Series. Additional units of the new BMW 5-Series Sedan will be produced at the Austrian manufacturer Magna Steyr AG & Co. KG, at its plant in Graz.

"The high level of flexibility of our global network of production and very good cooperation with our partner Magna Steyr allow us to react quickly to ensure the demand of our customers, which we anticipate to be the most successful business sedan in the world," adds Zipse.

Integrating the new BMW Series 3 and Series 4 means that the production volumes of the BMW plant in Dingolfing Group increased significantly.
Consequently, the factory now produces about 350,000 cars per year. "The decision to produce variants of Series 3 and Series 4 proves that we are competitive and make us less dependent on life cycle ranges of large models," explains plant manager in Dingolfing, Josef Kerscher.
However, as a result of this successful growth, the plant can no longer provide the expected production by itself. However, the BMW 5-Series will be produced mainly in Dingolfing.

"We are pleased that we have a very professional partner, Magna Steyr, as producing this model of success for us. Surely, they will benefit from years of experience that we have in the production of BMW 5 Series: Dingolfing employees will be working closely with people at the plant in Graz, "Kerscher added.
The BMW 5-Series Sedan is the second model to be produced by the Austrian manufacturer; the first was the BMW X3, which Magna Steyr produced between 2003 and 2010. Currently, Magna Steyr manufactures the MINI Paceman and MINI Countryman for BMW Group.

Production of the new BMW 5-Series Sedan will begin later this year at the main plant in Dingolfing and at Magna Steyr in Graz, early 2017.
The plant in Dingolfing is one of the 31 production sites that BMW Group has worldwide. Every day, about 1,600 BMW 3-Series, 4, 5-Series, 6-Series and 7-Series cars are leaving the auto plant assembly line 2.4.
In 2015 the plant produced a total of over 360,000 cars. Currently the plant in Dingolfing has a workforce of approximately 17,500 employees, including 800 apprentices.

Besides the main production of automobiles, auto parts, such as seats and pressed parts, and chassis and drivetrain, are also produced at this plant.
Due to its experience in processing aluminum and years of experience in the production of alternative transmissions, the BMW Plant in Dingolfing provides the plant in Leipzig the main components for the new BMW I models, such as high voltage batteries, electric drives and Drive structures, but it also produces high voltage batteries and electric motors for the hybrid plug-in models of BMW Group.
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