10 Continental Technologies That Will Be Found On Tomorrow's Cars
|   Saturday, July 04, 2015
Besides the production of tires, which we all know, Continental has an impressive center for the development of new technologies. Many of the multimedia systems or safety systems that we enjoy today on our cars are discovered and supplied by Continental.
Here is a list of 10 of the most important technologies on which Continental is working on.
Materials That Mimic Leather
The artificial leather called Nobelis will be used on models of the upper and premium segments.
Among its properties is flexibility in the cold season and resistance over time. The promise made by Continental officials was that we would see this material used for the first time in a series vehicle in January 2016.

Silent Tires
Electric or hybrid cars will also be part of the future. Undoubtedly, within 30 years there will be very few conventionally fueled vehicles. Therefore, pollution will be close to zero like the noise of engines. What remains after gasoline or diesel disappear? The quietness of an electric vehicle. A silence broken by another rolling noise: one produced by tires. Continental understood that they should blur the sound and came up with a simple, but very effective solution for its dedicated electric vehicles and hybrid tires: Conti eContact. This solution is sticking a sponge on the inside the tires to absorb the resulting sound.

Semi-Autonomous Cars
The idea of an autonomous vehicle is still far, but the technologies which will be developed will provide cars the possibility to drive by themselves.
It is an almost autonomous system, because the driver must still be responsible for direction.

Automatic Road Exit Braking
It requires the presence of a sensor that detects the car when going off the road. After a warning light, the car applies the brakes, trying to bring the car on the ideal route. It is one of the low-cost systems that Continental is developing for cars that do not have a function for automatic lane keeping.

Electric Motors
The ContiTech department is preparing new scalable electric motors, designed in Germany, and ready to be produced in China. Moreover, the engine is designed for several electric cars that will be manufactured in China.

Cameras Replacing Rear View Mirrors
The screens on both sides of the dashboard successfully substitute mirrors and only require a prior adjustment. In addition, the image provides a larger viewing angle than a normal mirror. The same will happen with the central mirror, which is replaced by a video camera located in the center of the dashboard.

Accelerator Pedal With Impulse
The accelerator pedal vibrates twice discreetly when you need to change gear. The same principle applies when the car recommends you to brake, because you're approach another vehicle.

Head-Up Display With Augmented Reality
It is an Augmented Reality Head-Up Display system that projects in front of you, on the windshield, a hologram of the travel direction, or contour of the buildings to help you navigate better on the streets of a busy city. The technology is still in early stages of development, but has impressive potential and usefulness.

The Camera That Monitors Eyes
Another technology that we will see in future cars is one that monitors the driver's eyes and emits a warning signal when he takes his eyes off the road.

Braking When Detecting Obstacles In Reverse
The system detects the object or person much earlier, calculates the probability of impact and applies a gradual brake, even if you have a foot on the accelerator, and the car slows down even if you don't understand why. The system was designed to be as less intrusive as possible.
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