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The Bucharest Auto Motor Show 2013 showcased some of the hottest wheels in the world at the moment. However, apart from the hot rides, the other aspect of the motor show was the booth babes upping the style quotient of the event. The beautiful ladies complemented the gorgeous rides perfectly and the heat level was soaring high and fast. The girls were present at different booths to highlight the vehicles but in most cases, they managed to overshadow the product they were supposed to highlight. It was the perfect location for the gear heads as the combination of engines and babes is quite elusive which makes it the best. As always, the Bucharest Auto Motor Show 2013 highlights the importance of booth babes and photographers are happily clicking away both cars and babes. The photographs are available online and in select car magazines and this highlight the irreplaceable connection between babes and cars.
At the auto show I met the most beautiful women of all showrooms. Do not forget to comment on facebook! :)
To be sincere right I am staring at the ladies that were standing next to the astonishing cars at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Just as the cars define true beauty, so do the ladies. I am quite certain that the audiences thought that once you buy the car they also come in hand with the lady that was standing close to the marvelous car. Why do you think that they take pictures of the beautiful cars with women rather than men? Well, actually it is very rare to find a man taking a picture with cars at any motor show that has ever been celebrated. On my own opinion I think that women are considered to be attractive. They are eye catching unlike men. We are all used to men being in front of us. Furthermore, what else can you add to a man to look more attractive? Nothing indeed; women can wear makeup and look like works of art before the entire audience. Thus the idea of the attractive feeling on a woman is the aspect that was used in the 2012 Motor Show and the Motor Shows before this. Have you ever seen a beautiful woman that you have to look twice into her eyes and face to confirm whether she is real? I bet you have once in a while. The Geneva Motor Show had all sorts of the beautiful category. Ranging from the tall to the short, slim to the medium sized etc. One of the interesting things about the girls at the Geneva Motor Show is that the designers had to choose the best outfit for them. The colors of their outfits match perfectly with the color of the cars that are being displayed. The first look of the car and the lady besides would give a car-lover the idea - what I had this type of a car and a lady that resembled the one close to it? Don’t mind the expression but this is what a man would think after looking at the beauty that was being displayed in Geneva Motor Show of 2012. If you doubt my words then you should take time to visit the next motor show that would be held. You can also scroll through the web and look at the fantastic photo shoots of the models. I am sure that you will be impressed with the choice of ladies. The cars that were at the Motor Show in Geneva were unique cars and they are considered to be the best cars that you can decide to buy in the market. The same way that you treat your ladies is the same way that you will be required to treat your own one of a kind car. Making it look beautiful each and every time you use it would be your ultimate target. This is also what we normally do with our beautiful ladies. Making sure that they look beautiful when they are around us is our driving factor.
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