Toyota Unveils the Corolla 2014 in North America
|   Monday, June 17, 2013
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Toyota unveils the 2014 Corolla and this vehicle features various degrees of external, internal and power train modification. The Corolla sedan is available in most parts of the world while the North American market gets the hatch back. Fuel economy has been enhanced while CO2 emission is reportedly decreased. Toyota claims that the 2014 Corolla has been designed keeping in mind the sharp features of the vehicle.

According to the designing team, sharp edges lend a particular theme to the vehicle to any vehicle and this suit the Corolla to the core.
The interior also features a considerable enhancement while the increase in fuel efficiency is the best deal about the new vehicle. The 2014 Corolla is powered by a four cylindered 1.8 liter turbo charged engine displacing 132 BHP. Toyota's new Valvematic technology has been added to the vehicle to increase power displacement by up to 8 BHP.

The engine is mated to a SVT six speed manual transmission system while the wheel base of the vehicle has been increased. Additional LED head lamps, bumpers, audio visual and infotainment measures along with Bluetooth and a touch screen have been added to this car. Toyota is yet to announce a final price for the 2014 Corolla although experts believe that the vehicle is likely to be priced close to $18,000.

The latest fluidic design technology has been used to design this car and a spokesperson at Toyota claim that this is done in order to enhance the emotional aspect related to the vehicle. Toyota is considering a coupe on the same platform as the sedan and hatch back although official confirmation is yet to arrive. These reports have surely got the buyers' attention as the hype generated around the 2014 Corolla is spreading every minute.

Expected to be available across showrooms by end 2013, this is a very potent model and the additions further enhance the life expectancy of the Corolla. Toyota has a history for creating extreme vehicles – both on the positive and negative side of customer satisfaction – although the customers are quite confident that the Corolla will impress.
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