The History of Toyota Kijang in Indonesia

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The History of Toyota Kijang in Indonesia The History of Toyota Kijang in Indonesia The History of Toyota Kijang in Indonesia The History of Toyota Kijang in Indonesia
Legendary Of Family car

Viewed from the history of Toyota Kijang in Indonesia was indeed already entered the age of 30 years which means it's ripe and deserves the best Indonesian ideal family car. Who would have thought a car had entered the country since 1977 past a huge success and acceptable by society at large despite the many cast doubts before the first was launched for the first time due to existing similar competitors dominate the market at that time.

It's good now we see how the revolution was the development of Toyota Kijang since antiquity to the present. And how Toyota Kijang can survive even more loved by the people of Indonesia with a lot of innovation in both form and design changes or changes in the targeted market segmentation.

Generation I (1977-1980)

The first generation of this car is marked by the launch of its inaugural in 1977, with the concept of a pickup truck in this generation familiarly referred to as "Deer Crocodile" because of the hood lid can be opened up to the side. Most people at that time accepted the presence of Toyota Kijang this with due consideration to easy maintenance and use of multi-function as a 4-wheel vehicles based Basic Utility Vehicle. So in 1978 and beyond demand on cars has been increased sharply in line with the quality of its brand name also rise.

Toyota Kijang Generation I

In terms of form, the car with KF10 production code is almost similar to the attached fruit box with 4 wheels and windows are covered with a tarp on the sides of the edges.
The draft is held very simple to just have a door that seems attached to it with his body with a similar hinge door hinges door which reads squeak when opened. Equipped with door locks and crank-like door that is still on the glass door of the house and car doors. Do not ask about security because this generation Toyota Kijang car has no door key let alone alarm.

In terms of interior features, the need to remember is the driver's position is likely to be too into the middle plus the stick shift difficult to reach, unique is not it? For exterior features, especially the engine carrying the same machine to machine Toyota Corolla at the time of type 3K 4-speed transmission and a capacity of 1200 cc.

What makes this car the more known to the public since the company is back with the aim of modifying the body of a car used as a car passenger. At that time the Toyota does not deal directly with its body design. Starting from where the "Deer Crocodile" is starting switch from its original function as an open truck (pick up) a commercial car or that usually used to transport passengers. For example, in the years 1980-1986 in Balikpapan City passenger car used as public transportation. Yes, at this time certainly not be the best Indonesian ideal family car.

Generation II (1981-1985)

Second Generation Toyota Kijang
History of Toyota Kijang in Indonesia II generation was started in September 1981. Actually not too many changes compared to previous generations. Although there are some who call there are a lot of changes, but the design is similar to the shape tends to the first generation. An example is a line on the bonnet is still simple and tend to be steep, though an opening in the bonnet cap is no longer fully opening up to the edge of the nose the car (bonnet) as well as deer before. Besides, round headlights still on the front side of the left-right and still simple grille with Toyota's typical writing on the front.

Toyota Kijang KF20 coded frame is also having his own close calls should the "Deer Crocodile". Vocation is the "Doyok" which at that time was taken from a character in the cartoon series on Doyok Pos Kota daily.

Along with this car trips produced, there are some pretty good times. Like perfecting the transmission and differential as well as the addition of the brake booster in 1983. In the year 1984 entered into an amendment to the grille and bumper. And in 1985, where demand for cars remains high, Toyota finally make changes to the machine and then use the type with a capacity of 1500 cc 5K yet economical in usage. Where at the beginning of this second generation, the "Doyok" only 4K immersed type machine with a capacity of only 1300 cc.

Generation III (1986-1996)

Deer generation III
The third generation of Toyota Kijang, which began during the sale in 1986. Changes light is a form of arches at each corner of the curve of its body so it appears more modern and increasingly imaged as an ideal family car the best of Indonesia. This is a generation that has the longest life cycle, almost a decade than the two previous generations, the "Crocodile Deer" and the "Doyok", which only lasted a few years.

In this generation, other changes in terms of segmentation, which began the shift function of the car carrier to passenger cars. Although there are some in previous generations that have been reformed into passenger cars, but in this third generation began victorious age Toyota Kijang as passenger cars. This is mainly because it is not crowded during the entry of cars into the realm of Built Up homeland car market. And also at that time brand name of Toyota Kijang vehicle far above competitors like.

In nearly a decade of history toyota deer in Indonesia is the fourth generation, Toyota produces two types of deer, the Deer Super (1986-1992) and Kijang Grand (1992-1996). In this generation is clear to shape and design is more sleek and modern than the previous two generations. For the first time, the manufacturer introduced the technology Toyota Full Body Pressed as early technology in improving the performance of its body, especially with this technology can save the use of putty 2-5 kg per car in the manufacturing process.

For the engine still carrying a 1500cc 5K technology, but there is the addition of greater horsepower than the previous engine mounted on a second-generation Kijang. Besides, has embraced the system 5 speed transmission. And since 1992, the engine re-experiencing improvements to the type of 7K with cylinder capacity of 1800cc.

After 1992, again there is a new innovation in car body molding methods, technology carried the name of Toyota's Original Body. Where the processes that occur in the manufacture of car body with this technology is to use a press machine and method of spot welding. Starting from here until the next generation, making Toyota Kijang body does not involve any putty at all.

As for the type of Grand own which began sales in 1992, there are some changes compared to the Super type, such as the addition of power steering at the helm, the addition of double-blower on the AC, as well as changes grille and headlights. Variants are produced at the time it has different variations, such as SX, SSX, SGX (short chassis) and LX, LSX, LGX (for the chassis length). Special SX and LX (standard type) using a 4-speed transmission and still using a conventional dashboard.

Generation IV (1997-2004)

Deer generation IV (Krista)
With a decade of great in defending the third generation, finally the history of Toyota Kijang in Indonesia climbed the fourth generation that began in 1997. The change is very striking is the interior and exterior design that refers to the concept of aerodynamics. Which in the end of this generation Kijang car very well known by the name "Deer Capsule".

Starting from this generation also, Japan is very strong aroma of thick felt, where previously the manufacturer Toyota Astra Motor much use for the body of a car body assembly, in the era of this generation really looks impression sesugguhnya car. From the rounded design such as capsules and very aerodynamic to the use of machines that are divided into two types. Both types of engines are petrol and diesel engines.

For gasoline engine carried 7K engine type diesel engine capacity of 1800cc and 2500cc capacity type 2L. With the addition of this type of diesel engine, Toyota Kijang wants penetrated into segments having a diesel car market at that time controlled by Competitor whohad a nicknamed the "king of diesel".

Along with the improvement of existing, again there is innovation from Toyota Kijang in engine, who originally cursed the carburetor for the year 1997-2000 production system was replaced with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) at the end of 2000 which further strengthened its position Deer as an ideal family car best Indonesia . And at that time Toyota Kijang presents additional two new variants, namely Rangga (short base) and Krista (length base).
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