The Ford GT Is a Seriously Impressive Vechicle!
|   Thursday, March 09, 2017
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The new Ford GT is the fastest model ever produced by the American manufacturer - fastest on the track and with the highest speed! And this comes from a motor with a displacement of only 3.5 liters.

The fact that the new Ford GT has behind it a history and a tradition which deserves an altar to worship at, is a fact everyone knows. What is surprising, however, is that Ford started to build crazy engines, as is the case in this particular instance.

When you manage to produce 647 horsepower from an engine with a displacement of 3.5 liters, it's a clear sign that engineering meets art in a modern work, which must be carefully restrained by the one holding the steering wheel.

Until recently, everyone knew that Americans make fast cars in a straight line, but this time the new Ford GT demonstrates the same artistic level when it comes to aerodynamic and dynamic performances.

Tested on the Calabogie Motorsports Park circuit from Canada, the new Ford GT managed to be faster than supercars with tradition. Basically, with a time of 2: 08.09, the American supercar is faster than the McLaren 675LT (2: 10.8) and Ferrari 458 Speciale (2: 12.9). The heart of this supercar is a supercharged V6 with a displacement of 3.5 liters, whose maximum power is 647 horsepower available at 6,250 rpm. It has a maximum torque of 745 Nm and is available at 5,900 rpm.

However, 90 percent of this torque is available starting with 3,500 rpm. With a monocoque structure from carbon fiber fitted with an integrated roll cage, an aluminum substructure with a mid-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive, the new Ford GT weighs only 1,360 kilograms.
This means that each horsepower has to carry only 2.1 kg!

The gearbox with double clutch and seven reports from Getrag sends power to the rear wheels through a limited slip differential. The models uses Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, size 325 / 30R20, which are shod on alloy wheels. Optionally, you can go for carbon rims. The braking system with ABS has four ceramic brake discs, 394 mm front and 360 mm rear, all ventilated, fitted with Brembo calipers and six-pistons front and four on the back.

The engine is constructed from aluminum, like the intake manifold, while the exhaust manifold is made of stainless steel, and the octane number of fuel recommended is 93 - at least in the US. The new Ford GT is the fastest series Ford ever produced and, although we have no official time for the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h, we know that the maximum speed this supercar can reach is 347 km / h.

The Ford GT will be equipped as standard with the next generation ceramic brakes supplied by Brembo, as already mentioned, alongside an impressive arsenal of electronic components: 50 sensors plus 28 microprocessors that will manage the data flow of 300 megabytes per second and 6 distinct CAN networks capable to submit 3000 system messages in tandem.

Lastly, know that the new Ford GT will be produced in only 250 copies.
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