The Car That Might Revolutionize The Auto Industry
|   Wednesday, March 09, 2016
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If you thought that nothing can surprise you in terms of cars, it might just be that your attention will be drawn by what comes next. Mirrow, a Russian company, has just presented a project for a city car which does not resemble any other product on the automotive market, worldwide.

Mirrow Cars, founded by Russian designer Alexander Malyshev, is described as a small company that does not intend to actually make future cars itself, but wants to change everything instead!

Malyshev's concept is called Mirrow Provocator and is presented as an innovative and revolutionary car.
Although having a size of only 269.5 cm in length, and 204.5 cm in width respectively, the Provocator could accommodate four people plus their luggage.

The Mirrow Provocator has quite a resemblance to cars found in the mini electric car market, but it has a few striking differences. This future city car has the same length as the lovely smart Fortwo, but can hold more passengers, for example.

Malyshev places a great price on green industry. Because of this the structure of its vehicle aimed to contain recycled polymers in a minimum percentage of 50 percent. The driver and the passengers' access into the car can be done through the door located at the rear of the car, the side doors being used only in emergencies.

According to Malyshev, this type of construction insures its car has the highest degree of safety for passengers. In terms of interior space, the Mirrow Provocator concept is quite minimalist, but does manage to complete all the basic needs of a motor vehicle.

On the interior, the Mirrow aims for comfort, but that is not easy at all given the car's small size, but the space it does have should give an unexpected level of comfort. So far, this model seems to worthy of interest.

It is equipped, among other things, with an adjustable steering wheel, electric windows, mirrors, seats, sunroof, a multimedia system for passengers in the second seats row and a navigation system. In the form of additional options, we can find xenon projectors, automatic transmission or rain and light sensors too.
Regarding the motorization, Malyshev proposed Mirrow Provocator in two versions: one with a diesel or petrol engine and one with a hybrid or electrical propulsion system.

The first of them could use a turbocharged three-cylinder engine with a displacement of up to 1.5 liters, while the second option would revolve around a set of batteries found in the floor that would provide a range of 350 - 400 kilometers (between 217 - 249 miles). In terms of the performance squeezed out of the Provocator, we can say that the speed which it could reach would be limited electronically to 140 km / h, while acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h would be possible in just under nine seconds.

Surprisingly enough, the price for such a car in its standard version could vary between 3,500 and 4,500 euros. Representatives from Mirrow Cars promise new details about the car in the next period.
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