Test Driving the 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C
|   Sunday, October 13, 2013
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Alfa Romeo's 4C has been one of the most popular cars ever since it came into production. Alfa has suffered in the past owing to half cooked ideas regarding designs to mechanicals, although its recently launched B and C class vehicles have changed the game. Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Mito are two of its best known hatchbacks which we have today and both these vehicles are leaders in their own segment.

Alfa Romeo managed to get facts straightened out with the 8C Competizione.
It took Alfa three decades to sort out priorities and design a vehicle suited to practical use. We are talking about the 4C here as the 8C is still in its concept stages. Its chassis is strong yet flexible as it has been composed out of fiberglass and carbon fiber. This makes it quite delicate yet strong at the same time.

Alfa Romeo claims that their 4C weighs in around 925 kg, which is 25 kg lighter than its predecessor. An all aluminum structure keeps this beast intact while power comes from a 1750 cc turbo charged direct fuel injected engine displacing 258 ft lb of torque along with 240 BHP. Even though these figures may not sound exciting, do not let them fool you. Power to weight ratio is at an all time high and this makes it more performance friendly than many high end supercars which we have around us today.

Big cylinders are not always capable of displacing huge performance. Alfa claims that its 4C is capable of accelerating from 0 – 60 MPH within 4.5 seconds while sporting a top speed of 155 MPH while fuel efficiency is expected to be near the 41.5 MPG mark although on road tests are yet to be conducted. The most notable feature about this vehicle is that, in terms of chassis, it is level of engineering puts it in a class along with Mercedes Benz and Ferrari.

This makes the 4C admirable in true sense. Priced at £45,000 for its base model in the United Kingdom, Alfa Romeo is looking forward to selling 3500 units within the initial phase. Production capacity will be increased based on its current demand. Hence, this is an important phase of market penetration. This mid engine car carries 60 percent of its weight on its rear wheels although different drive modes switch between power delivery on its front and rear wheels. Every engine option is mated to a dual clutch paddle shift gearbox while disc brakes from Brembo make sure accidents are averted, no matter how quick you go.

Alfa Romeo is growing steadily while sales are picking up. The company has found resonance with customer needs, while fuel economy has gained top priority. These invariably make Alfa Romeo a potent choice as a vehicle. Interior modifications have been made although much change in asking price is not mentioned.

Therefore, Alfa Romeo is playing safe to earn its reputation with the masses. Customization options are always available and they make sure customers get exactly what they are paying for.
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