Review of the Honda Civic VTI 1.8 i-VTEC
|   Sunday, August 04, 2013
Rating (4.5/5) 4.5 Star Rating 51 users
Yet another ultimate luxury car with a smooth drive and a gorgeous body, Civic VTI 1.8 i-VTEC has done it again. While the car Civic has been the favorite of many in the whole world, this car stays on top of its game and maintains its position in the eyes of the critics. The model is also available in hybrid mode which reduces the usage of petrol and diesel. This car is being showcased in its automatic mode.

The car is wonderful to look at and maintains its beautiful look.
It is available in colors like taffeta white, polished metallic silver, titanium metal, black pearl, bolder shade of beige, metal metallic and habanero red. The car has ultimate narrow head lights with an edgy look. Right at the bottom of the massive front bumper are two small lights which are an addition to head lights. They give a better look of the road at night.

The car has bigger and better alloy wheels which are made for perfection. They let you drive smoothly even on the roughest roads. There is a steering system which lets you adjust the driving modes. You can adjust the speeds according to the weather or road condition. The doors are electric and can be locked by the driver to ensure security. The doors are sleek and straight with less amount of curve. The sound player within the car produces an ultimate sensation while driving. The power steering gives the sensation of leisure while driving.

The sun roof of the car is wide. It lets two grown men get out of the roof to enjoy the weather outside. The sun roof also lets you enjoy the winds and pleasant weather by pulling it away. For better security in terms of accidents and other disasters, the car has incorporated air bags for driver as well as passengers.

The cabin of the car is massive just like in the old models. The windows are clear and vivid to see through. The seats can fit five passengers easily. The cabin lacks leather seating but still is very comfortable and pleasurable. There are cup holders to facilitate the people who need to drink and drive at the same time. The wipers are automatic. They turn on when they sense rain and drizzles. There are defrosters within the engine which heat it up a little in the extreme cold weather.

The car is an ultimate sensation for those who love to drive and listen to their favorite dance numbers while doing it. With the spacious cabin, the car gives comfort and provides ease for the driver and the passengers for long time journeys. The price of the car is high but is all worth it once you have a look at this magnificent thing. Civic being one of the favorites of the people has now reached maximum profits in terms of earning by manufacturing this car. There is more to this car which will be revealed once you put your foot in the car and drive through the smooth roads.
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