Rear Inflatable Safety Belt will be available for the 2014 Ford Fusion
|   Thursday, August 15, 2013
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The practical characteristics of both safety belts and airbags will be incorporated in order to offer the best safety features for the new 2014 model of Ford Fusion. The company decided to introduce this new and improved technology making Ford Fusion the only car in its class which will be available with this new safety option. The rear inflatable safety belt integrates the technology of a classical safety belt and airbags. The working principle is that, similar to air bags, in case of a crash, the sensors which detect the smash will send a signal to the inflating system of the seat belt making it actually inflate by using compressed gas.

Recent developed studies have shown decreased likelihood of neck, head and chest traumas when using an inflatable safety belt. This great safety component is of great use when the passengers are older or children as they are a lot more sensitive and vulnerable. Srinivasan Sundararajan the ford safety technical leader has reassured the customers that the components of this new safety system used for Ford Fusion 2014 are high quality products which merge the entire safety systems of Ford.

These types of seat belts were firstly introduced by Ford in 2011 by integrating it in that year's Ford Explorer, meanwhile, the company has successfully developed the same systems on six Ford models: Explorer, Taurus, Fusion, Flex and Lincoln MKT/ MKZ. Together with this useful safety feature, the Ford Fusion customers can also experience the benefits of driver assist technologies which have been used on an important number or Ford Fusion vehicles. Even more, rear view camera can also be considered one of the available options for this car model.

The 2014 Ford Fusion can definitely be considered a safety pioneer as it is the first vehicle equipped with rear inflatable safety belts among the medium size vehicles. Ranked in the top safety equipped cars for its price range, the 2014 Ford Fusion is indeed a vehicle specially designed for family use as the passengers travelling mostly in the rear part of the care are children. The specialists have even granted that the safest spot in the entire care for a child to travel is, of course, in the back. That's why most of the inflatable seat belts match several types of boosters and child car seats. With the help of the inflatable seat belt, the impact is distributed in an homogeneous way and most of it is absorbed by the air which acts like a barrier.

It seems that the new model of Ford is already a very popular search exactly because of this new safety option which made it one great deal for those customers who have children or who are continuously updated with the latest news regarding safety options and would pay anything just to have the best protection. Nowadays customers are not only interested in design and power of engine but also in safety, Ford has never forgotten this aspect and had introduced the latest features in this area on its latest released models. Available in the second half of 2014, the new Ford Fusion is already expected by customers.
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