Mercedes-Benz's AMG Division Could Offer Two-Liter Turbo Engines On Other Models
|   Sunday, May 04, 2014
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Mercedes-Benz could equip other models with the 2.0 liter turbo diesel engine developed by its AMG division. Unlike other speculation about the future of the brand with the star pattern, this news comes from the head of the AMG division, Tobias Moers, who talked to the British from WhatCar?.

Unfortunately, there is still no concrete plan for the 2.0 Turbo (which makes 360 hp) to find its place under the hoods of other models from Mercedes-Benz, but Tobias Moers believes it would be appropriate for the medium segment, and not just for the compact one.
The most suitable markets for these models could be those in which cars are taxed based on engine capacity. In this way, this possible motorization version becomes very attractive for customers who want a potent engine, but are not attracted by the current offer on account of prohibitive tax levels.

"It's probably something we should consider," he said. "We haven't decided anything but in my own mind, as an engineer, I think it could be an interesting solution to have a high-powered four-cylinder petrol engine in a car that's not a compact - maybe even a saloon. There are markets in the world where engine size affects taxes, and this could be an interesting technical answer to that."

With regards for the performance of diesel engines brought into series production by competitors from BMW and Audi, the AMG boss says that the market is too small for them, and the development of such a propellant is not profitable in comparison with a performance engine supplied with gasoline but equally efficient.

In regards to putting a smaller unit on models traditionally associated with V8 engines, Moers said that the critical acclaim for AMG's first four-cylinder engine would not alter the resolute rejection of diesel power. "The market for highly tuned diesel performance cars is very small, and in any case, you can have a performance diesel and it doesn't necessarily give you such a big difference over a more modern, efficient, performance gasoline engine."

The 2.0 liter engine is found in the CLA 45 AMG, the smallest sedan ever developed by AMG division, and provides 360 hp. This way the model accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds and has a top speed electronically limited to 250 km / h. Regardless of which model it is associated with, the 2.0 turbo diesel engine from AMG is accompanied by the AMG Speedshift transmission with seven gears and dual-clutch.

Up to a possible change of direction, the AMG division is working on hybrid performance units, a technical solution more attractive to the engineer who is heading the brand's performance division.

He confirmed that Mercedes, after seeing the success from F1 with the V6 hybrid, is working on making this technology a more attractive option. "The guys in Brixworth [UK base for Mercedes' F1 motors] pulled down the shutters and closed the curtains for a year and a half because they were working on the new F1 rules, but now they are open again. We have had a good relationship with them before and now this hybrid technology is something that we can start looking at."
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