Mercedes Benz plans on launching the all new GLA SUV
|   Sunday, October 28, 2012
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Mercedes Benz has confirmed its entry level SUV, the GLA and the vehicle has recently been spied testing at the Munich test track. The GLA is expected around mid 2014 and there is a solid 18 months before that happens. However, the vehicle looks almost complete with a few finishing touches left. Mercedes Benz sources have however not yet confirmed this report.

The all new five seated SUV is expected to rival the Audi Q3, Range Rover Evoque and the BMW X1 when it launches and the Mercedes Benz authorities are tight lipped about this probability as of yet.
The company is maintaining a low profile as the GLA is not yet ready for production and official reports are expected as soon as the vehicle is ready for production.

The GLA spied testing is the first proto type created by Mercedes Benz and has been built on the MFA platform from Mercedes Benz. This vehicle along with the CLA, A class and the B class vehicles from Mercedes Benz along with the Shooting Star is aimed at the younger generation and these vehicles have a unique and appealing style apart from being packed with features that appeal to the mass younger generation.

The spied GLA has a bold front end along with sharp lines at the sides with an abrupt ending and the styling is unique and attracts all eyes to itself when in the vicinity. The vehicle looks heavily armored and features curves that are impossible to ignore as men have a weakness towards bold curves.
The GLA have a special appeal that has been missing in Mercedes Benz vehicles in the near past but with the launch of the GLA, the company seems to have undone everything that was missing. The ride height looks elevated that the other SUVs from Mercedes Benz and if this is a reality then there is good news for all Mercedes Benz fans.

The increase in ride height equals to bigger wheels, more vision and better ground clearance and this vehicle can be said to be the cousin of the Mercedes Benz B class.
The vehicle will be available with diesel and petrol drive trains and the petrol engine is said to be sourced from Renault. The Renault 1.6 liter, 1.8 liter and 2.0 liter turbo charged petrol engines will be available on the new GLA and these engines displace 208 BHP, 134 BHP and 330 BHP respectively. The drive train features are almost similar with a few differences and the engines are mated to a six speed automatic transmission system.

The base model of the GLA will be available with a four wheel drive technology and the higher end models are available in seven speed transmission systems with either rear wheel or front wheel drive technologies. The GLA appeals to the younger buyers and Mercedes Benz is planning to launch this vehicle by the middle of 2013. Apart from the GLA, Mercedes Benz is also looking forward to launching the GLK to rival BMW's X6.
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