Luxury Cars and SUVs with Dragon Logos at the Beijing Auto Show

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - 03:29:26 
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Luxury Cars and SUVs with Dragon Logos at the Beijing Auto Show Luxury Cars and SUVs with Dragon Logos at the Beijing Auto Show Luxury Cars and SUVs with Dragon Logos at the Beijing Auto Show Luxury Cars and SUVs with Dragon Logos at the Beijing Auto Show Luxury Cars and SUVs with Dragon Logos at the Beijing Auto Show Luxury Cars and SUVs with Dragon Logos at the Beijing Auto Show
Luxury cars and SUVs with dragon logos dominated the first day at the Beijing Auto Show.

Jeep is one of the first companies who have gone for the designing of a dragon logo, made exclusively for the Chinese market with its limited edition model Wrangler Concept. Jeep has launched a car that has been inspired by the local flavours. It is a modern Wrangler Concept car which has been carved with a long silver dragon across its hood.

Jeep has committed this Wrangler brand to China and it is going to stick to its design with specific Chinese tastes in mind. Jeep has to be careful, though; just because, there is a dragon emblazoned on the car, it does not mean that Chinese people will like it so much as the current trend of car buyers is to go after a brand that is Western in style.

Jeep’s sales in China last year have increased by about eighty per cent over the previous year. In 2011, more Jeep cars were sold in China than in any other country with the exception of the North American continent.
There is a subtle difference in Aston Martin’s dragon design on its Dragon 88 limited edition unlike Jeep who may have stretched themselves a bit in carving a large dragon across the entire car hood.

Car manufacturers now impress the visitors at the Auto China 2012 Beijing Car Show with models that are big and gas-guzzling with branded logos on them. This is being done after focusing on green car technology in the last few years.
People seem to be interested in these cars should the price be agreeable to them.

Aston Martin has also launched its Dragon 88 limited edition for the Chinese market only. There are gold dragon trademark patterns that have been weaved on to its leather seats, but the car carries a high price tag of nearly eight hundred thousand dollars.

Jeep and Aston Martin are among many foreign car makers who are expecting to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors at the Show this week, particularly as China has become the world’s largest auto market as a result of a sales drop in Europe and sluggish growth in the United States of America.

Crowds were attracted also to the new Lamborghini Urus Concept car. This will give good competition to the popular Cayenne of Porsche.
Ford Motor Company has also presented three SUVs at the Beijing Auto Show. Among them is the EcoSport which is going to be manufactured at Ford Motor’s factory at Chongqing. SUVs have become a strong point for Ford Motor all over the world and in China; the SUV segment is one of the fastest growing in the auto trade.

This year’s focus is turning to the big gas-guzzler SUVs despite the inclination towards green cars in the last few years which followed the subsidies given by individual governments for cleaner cars. Car makers are turning their attention to flashier cars to attract consumers since the government-backed promotions to go after green cars technology are becoming fewer by the day as per the analysis of the industry experts.
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