Lifetime Map Updates system from Mio

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Lifetime Map Updates system from Mio Lifetime Map Updates system from Mio Lifetime Map Updates system from Mio Lifetime Map Updates system from Mio
Mio has recently launched Lifetime Map Updates, an extra service that updates maps for any Mio GPS as long as the device is in working order. After the device is purchased with the preinstalled service no further payment will be required in order for the maps to be updated. All a user has to do is register the product and 4 times a year the maps will be updated for as long as the GPS lives. The models that use this service are the Mio Spirit 680, 685 and 687, all of which have installed the Full Europe map.

Currently, more and more changes happen to roads, whether in the city or not, intersections are replaced by roundabouts and whatnot. With this new system, users will always be up to date to the latest changes ensuring little to no hassle will be necessary when going from point A to point B. Once there, the Mio GPS will show the user any restaurant, museum or other form of landmark that should not be missed.
Thanks to the Lifetime Map Updates any change in the road should not be of any surprise anymore to any driver. That is because of the multitude of sources Mio uses to inform itself before updating the maps. Starting from the feedback users give, going to governmental sources and construction companies, cartography workers and satellites and truck drivers, each of these sources is used in updating maps. The information given by Mio GPS users is especially useful when mapping rural areas or less traveled zones, these being usually not as well covered by official sources.
This means the continuous growth of the Mio user community will add valuable information to creating new digital maps.

In order to use this service the product must be registered within 30 days of buying it on their website Following this the user will receive an activation key and instructions for what to do next. After the service is activated, as long as the GPS functions or as long as Mio offers support for that device updating maps will come free of charge.
Lifetime Map Updates is a special service from Mio that addresses the driver’s need for information. But Mio offers much more, like the IQ Routes TM, a system that anticipates traffic jams during rush hours. It works using past data of a set area and the data from the LearnMe TM, a smart system that adapts to a and individual driving style, making it easier to know the exact time of arriving at a destination. Other useful features are the displaying of traffic info in real time, keyword search, tunnel guidance etc. The MioMore system gives its users the ability to see the weather forecasts and access to Google local search in order for the trip to be perfect. Using this system you can also set up a waypoint route to obtain better times while on the road.

Other devices include a Mio include a parking assistant, a device that displays all free parking spaces in a 1 km radius. It also includes land guidance making turn tackling much easier, especially in traffic congestion.
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