Kia Showcases the Carens MPV at the Geneva Motor Show 2013
|   Sunday, March 17, 2013
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The new Kia Carens is the latest model in the Kia lineup and the vehicle was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show this week. This is a very significant model for Kia at the moment as it depicts the coming of age of the Korean car maker. The Carens MPV may not seem to be a very interesting project on paper but shows better prospect on the road. The Carens is better prepared as compared to a Cee'd or Rio and the new platform means more fuel efficiency and better underpinnings.

The new Kia Carens MPV replaces the current model as well as the Sedona. Hence, the two last generation vehicles from Kia will be replaced by modern technology. This is a major step taken by the Korean company this year and the Geneva Motor Show was the official launch of the vehicle.

The next generation vehicles from Kia are fuel efficient, powerful, energy efficient as well as good looking and these make the vehicles almost perfect in terms of overall usability. The Carens is a smooth and refined vehicle and provides optimum boot space and interior passenger carrying capacity. The features associated with the new Carens is completely different from that if its predecessors and as a result, this Kia is expected to have a list of new features installed in it.

The old model of the Kia Carens had a few glitches which have been removed from the current model. The pricing is also more generous than its predecessor and a lot of additional technology has been installed on this vehicle. The visual flair of the Sportage and Cee'd are present on this model and designing a capable MPV for the masses is always a challenge for any car maker.

However, the engineering and designing team from Kia has collaborated to finish a mammoth task efficiently. The smart look on the exterior has been carried forward to the interior as well and the Kia Carens, apart from sporting huge interior space, features high level of upholstery and technology. The interior provides huge head and leg room for the driver and passengers while the seats provide huge thigh support and spine rest.

Under seat cushions also provide extra support for the passengers and the suspension settings on the vehicle have been done to enhance performance and comfort. Driving the Carens is set to be an overall better experience, as claimed by Kia as the vehicle features electronic drive assistance measures that aim to improve performance. Although the vehicle weighs 1516 kg, it accelerates from 0 - 60 MPH in 10.4 seconds.

The Kia Carens MPV has a top speed of 119 MPH and costs £21,500. Fuel efficiency is expected to be 56.4 MPG on the combined scale while CO2 emission is close to 132 g/km. This is a performance friendly MPV suited for long distance journeys as well as city commuting and its versatile nature makes this one of the most user friendly MPVs in the market at the moment.
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