Kia Forte Sedan 2014 Model

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Kia Forte Sedan 2014 Model Kia Forte Sedan 2014 Model Kia Forte Sedan 2014 Model Kia Forte Sedan 2014 Model Kia Forte Sedan 2014 Model Kia Forte Sedan 2014 Model Kia Forte Sedan 2014 Model Kia Forte Sedan 2014 Model Kia Forte Sedan 2014 Model Kia Forte Sedan 2014 Model
Release Date:
Kia Forte Sedan is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2013.

The model line of the Kia motors contains all the features that are required to gain the public attention. The model line is all affordable and comes in latest design. Vehicles are loaded with features and the latest model which is the most promising one is the Forte Sedan. The Forte Sedan is the car which came as a replacement for the Spectra and this model has received applause for the Kia from the automotive industry. Kia is not going to make any compromise regarding the release of this latest 2014 model of the Sedan.

Engines and Transmissions
The engine of the Kia Forte 2014 is the standard 1.8 liter engine having four cylinders. It generates 148 hp and 6500 rpm. There are two options for the transmission system i.e. the manual and the automatic system. This engine and the transmi ssion system are paired together to enhance the efficiency of the car.

To increase the power output of the car, there us another engine. It is a 2 liter engine and it is gasoline. This engine generates 173 hp at 6500 rpm and generates a torque of 154 ft-lb. Like the 1.8 liter engine, this engine is also paired with an automatic transmission six-speed system. The Kia Forte Sedan 2014 is economical but not as much as many other cars. The economy is round about 40 mpg when on a highway.

Forte Sedan Dimensions
The 2014 Kia Forte Sedan has a wheel base of about 106.
inches. The length of the car is 179.5 and the width is 70.1 inches. The height is 56.5 inches. The front of the car is not more than 61.5 inches while the rear is 61.1 inches. The car stands at 5.5 inches from the ground.
The volume available for the passengers inside the car is 96.2 cubic feet. 14.9 cubic feet is the capacity of the Trunk.

Model Choices
Kia is not getting things complicated w ith the Forte Sedan as the model is being sold in LX and EX only. You can have either the steel wheels having a diameter of 15 inch or you can go for the 16Ē or 17Ē wheels as well. In this model, you can have side mirrors that are dual. Similar are the door handles. Headlamps are halogen based and they are automatic. HID headlights are also available on demand.

The interior is great as the exterior of the car. There are many features for the passengers. Some of these features include the Bluetooth Technology, the audio control which is linked to the steering wheel and the steering column which supports telescope steering. The satellite radio is also an available option. You can navigate to various locations using the navigation system which features a camera in the rear as well. The seats are leather based and comfortably heated according to the temperature requirement.
All in all, Forte Sedan 2014 model is a car that is affordable and has good features.
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