Honda Confirms that the Next Generation Civic Type R is Slated for a 2015 Launch
|   Thursday, August 08, 2013
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Honda CEO Takanobu Ito confirms that the all new Civic R Type will be available for track tests by 2015. This is an exciting insight into what Honda is planning at the moment and the idea that the car will be showcased fall 2015 has already sparked up the market. Honda also claims that they are currently working on a new SUV which should also be unveiled sometime during the same time frame.

Honda is fairly experienced when it comes to sports leagues and off road challenges and the World Touring Car Championship has done its bit to educate the company on the basics of driving.
Honda is not what they used to be and their vehicles are more driver friendly, comfortable and performance friendly than they used to be. This is a great combination considering the demands of the market and the market segment the company plans on wooing.

Ito claims that the engineers are working intently on the vehicle to make it one of the fastest front wheel drive machines on the face of the planet, which translates to a lap time of 8 min and 7.9 seconds around Nurburgring recorded by the Megane 265 Trophy. Even though this may not sound easy, Honda is confident that its vehicle has the necessary aspects required to break the time.

The engine currently displaces 265 BHP while the engineers are working hard to ensure that they boost up the figures to 300 BHP at least. This would mean massive performance compared to the current generation Civic. Ito also confirms that the car will be available across showrooms the same year although a confirmed launch date is yet to be revealed.

The Civic Type R should go into production testing by autumn 2013 while modifications are expected to be made on the ride soon after. The throttle responsiveness and transmission are currently under work and the ratio currently needs to be worked on. The Civic Type R is expected to be powered by a 1.6 liter petrol engine although it is yet to be officially affirmed although a 2.0 liter engine is also expected on the car.

The Civic Type R is expected to be a first in a range of many advanced performance cars Honda wants to launch, however the base still remains the same. One of these cars could be a Nissan Juke rivaling SUV. Although none of these have actually been confirmed, Honda is rumored to be testing a hydrogen drive train on the car. Honda clarified later that they are currently working on the FCX clarity, based on a hybrid drive train although no variants of the Civic will feature the technology.

Honda is desperate to push up global sales within the next few years and the company expects to cater to 23.9 Billion happy customers worldwide by the end of 2017. This may not be as difficult as it sounds if all of the plans are implemented successfully. Honda sure looks like it could do with little more innovation.
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