Honda brings Honda Civic 2014 custom car at Chicago Auto Show
|   Wednesday, February 19, 2014
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Honda Civic Si of 2014 is customized to give it a look inspired from video game of Forza Horizon. It is customized for showing the cool look at Chicago Auto Show, this design of red and black is selected on contribution by Forza Horizon. This design is given by a gamer Tiffany Labedz and she made it through other 170 entries of design.

Her design is chosen as it gives tribute to the famous VTEC engine of Civic Si and for her very fascinating cool looks for Honda Civic.
Along with Honda other companies have also tried to bring up virtual looks to real life in their models.

Few such companies are Mercedes Benz, Toyota and Honda; Toyota has presented Toyota concept car FT1in virtual looks. Mercedes Benz has given virtual look to their Gran Turismo concept car. Honda Civic Si designed by Forza Horizon's Tiffany Labedz. And will be added to Honda' legendary Car pack.
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