High-mileage VW XL1 will be a part of the Geneva Motor Show
|   Tuesday, February 26, 2013
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As released by the company the production version of the new car by the Volkswagen Company is now available and it will be making its debut in the Geneva motor show that will be held this march. The dates of the event are from 5-17.

The Volkswagen XL1 plug-in hybrid is the new car by the company and it is said that this car is capable of giving about 270 mg. We do still not know the details and other specifications of the car completely. The production of the car will be starting by the end of this year.
However, the company still gives no clue about the price range of the car. They are planning to give a high-mileage car that is designed for two persons.

The production of the XL1 of the car is something that relates its roots back to the concept of the car that the car company released in the year 20111. The body design of the car based on th e princi ple of the aerodynamic. The wheels and the mirror designed with a full covering. These wheels and the mirrors are designed so that they get integrated with other exterior of the car. The car is a capability to cut the wind and the coefficient of drag that the design had was about 0.189, which is not bad indeed.

It is said by the company that they will be making this XL1 version of the production cars in their plant located in the Osnabrück, Germany. It is the place where the company produced the Porsche Boxster along with a VW Golf convertible.

There is one important thing used in this car and that is the use of the carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. It is used in the body panels of the cars and the frame structures have aluminum in them. The calculated weight of the car is said to be about 1,753 pounds approximately.

When we talk about the engine of the car, it contains an 800-cc two-cylinder diesel engine. That is capable of giving 47 HP excluding the electric moto r otherw ise the rating is 27hp. The car includes a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that supports the power flow in the car. The car uses a lithium-ion battery pack; this battery can help you get about 31miles on electric power.

As per news, the measurements of the XL1 that are told by the car company are as it is about 153 inches in length and is 65.6 inches in width. The height of the vehicle that was measured is about 45.4 inches respectively. The XL1 car is approximately same as the Toyota Yaris, nevertheless it is 1inch contracted them it, which means that it is shorter in width than the Toyota Yaris. Another difference is the Toyota Yaris is about 14 inches more in height than this Volkswagen.

Therefore, those who are interested in getting the car, those who live in Europe can get them easily as the VW has qualified the XL1 sales. However, there is no news about the details that this car will be available to in the markets of the United States.
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