Frankfurt Motor Show 2014 - At a Glance
|   Tuesday, September 17, 2013
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Even as the American Auto industry struggles to recover from huge losses during a catastrophic recession within 2008 – 2011, the European Auto Industry has so far failed to achieve any such feats. When the economy was at its peak, the European Auto market has seen sales figures close to 18 Million per year, although the current figures are close to 13 Million. With the Frankfurt Motor Show coming to an end, we have a very distinct idea of what this year was all about.

Most of the vehicles unveiled this year was based on fuel efficiency and economy and this is largely attributed to the slack in the global economy. Apart from a few high priced vehicles such as the Audi Sport Quattro Concept and the Ferrari 458 Speciale, the general Motor Show was based on frugality.

The first vehicle which deserves mention this year is the Jaguar C X17. This is the first mini SUV from Jaguar and has borrowed features from Land Rover. This vehicle is based on an aluminum space frame chassis while modern engineering holds the car together, it is not class leading. However, the fact that much of this vehicle is based on Land Rover makes it a one of a kind product.

Although on road performance is yet to be known, this vehicle is expected to be a class leader in terms of performance. Jaguar claims that this vehicle will take on the Mercedes Benz C Class, Audi A4 and the BMW 3 Series. Volvo's new concept coupe was also showcased this week and this vehicle has an overall toned down but muscular appeal than any other vehicle from Volvo so far.

This concept vehicle looks more like Volvo's P1800 than their recently unveiled Bertone Coupe and this is mostly due to the grille as well as the interior tone and its body work. Volvo has showcased quite a few concepts since last year although this year their range has improved quite a lot. Experts believe that the Volvo Concept Coupe is at par with Mercedes Benz' S Class Coupe Concept and the Opel Monza.

Another masterpiece at Frankfurt this year was Audi's Sport Quattro concept. We got to feast our eyes on this machine quite by surprise as Audi had given no prior indication of its reveal anytime soon. This vehicle is supposedly powered by a 700 BHP displacing plug in hybrid engine, based on similar engineering as classics from Audi. Even though this vehicle has not been driven on road, we want to get out hands behind its wheels fast.

This is one production car which we will be earnestly waiting for, not because this is a one of a kind car, because this is a high performance machine. We admire every property of this machine and there are quite a few unique abilities which distinguish this vehicle from others in class. Vehicles unveiled at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show are unique in their own way and we would love to see the Audi R8 being replaced by a newer, quicker machine.
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