Ford to make the world's most fuel efficient car

Monday, June 04, 2012 - 10:02:08 
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Ford to make the world's most fuel efficient car Ford to make the world's most fuel efficient car Ford to make the world's most fuel efficient car Ford to make the world's most fuel efficient car
American automaker Ford recently announced about their plan of making world’s most fuel efficient car. Company told they are soon going to start work on a car that will give better mileage than other car in the world.
When company was asked about the launch of this car, they told that this is still under discussion, but they highly expect to launch this car in the year 2014.

CEO of Ford told that the fuel prices are hiking continuously in international market, and now everyone wants to have a car whose fuel consumption is less. The Ford is soon going to start work on such a car that will highly cut down the fuel budget of a person.

Company also told that the car will not just be fuel efficient, but they are also planning to design this car in such a way that its maintenance will also be very low. According to company this will be a small car with seating capacity of four.

According to the company this car will give mileage of around 25 kmpl. Company has a plan to launch this car on both petrol and diesel version. The petrol version will be launched first and after six months of the launch of petro version, company will introduce the diesel version.

Company is sure that everything will be according to plan, and if it happens, most probably the booking of this car will be started in the end of next year.

Recently CEO of Ford told that “We are planning to bring a car for the people who don’t buy the car just because of their low mileage and higher maintenance.
Our company will soon going to introduce such a car that will be fuel efficient and also in terms of maintenance it will have low cost. We strongly understand the need of people when it is the matter of buying cars, and we are soon going to bring our plan in to action. Now that day is not far when you don’t have to worry about the fuel cost while driving your car”.

According to company, this fuel efficient car will have all the features that are therein all modern cars and company has no plan to avoid some useful features from the car just to hike its mileage.

When company was asked about the price of this car, they told that it is still under discussion, and once it will be decided, the company will put it on their website. Ford also has a plan to launch this car in some of the other countries than America. Company told that after launch of their car in America, they will also launch it in Canada and Europe.

Ford also announced that they are also putting quite efforts in improving the mileage of their cars that are already there in the market. They also told that the company may

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