End of rumors; BMW is confirming launch of 2014 X7 SUV

Friday, July 15, 2011 - 10:43:34 
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End of rumors; BMW is confirming launch of 2014 X7 SUV End of rumors; BMW is confirming launch of 2014 X7 SUV
One of the greatest Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) the world had ever seen, BMW X7, faced thousands of rumors so far about its new 2014 version.  First rumor was that, the monster SUV is going to be produced massively for production in 2014, but later it replaced with another rumor that, BMW is not going to produce new versions of X7. Now, the fact is that, there will be definitely a 2014 version of BMW X7, only because, says officials, the Chinese market had demanded it in a massive amount.  Even though, deeper digs reveals that, there is a rethinking is going about launching X7 in 2014 within brand heads.

This rethinking is mainly because of the economic imbalance playing all over the world, which may affect the market of big cars.  However, BMW seems to be downshifting production.  However, car fans all over the world expect the X7 to be produced massively.  US are the only one place, which has sufficient supply of X7 from BMW, nowadays.  Less recession in China says that they will be safe for any bigger car.  Latest revealing reports that, the new 2014 BMW X7 will be coded as F17 and will have longer wheel base than its predecessors.  

Also said that, a new third row also will be installed, which will increase the seating capacity to seven.  Analysts and experts says, standard BMW SUV design will be kept in the model, while there may be adoption from X6, because, X7 is the largest luxury SUV.
 Releases reported that company’s trend kidney grille will be kept in the front fascia, along with large bumpers with large air intakes, which creates the giant look for this high powered machine.  High quality leather along with wooden finished interior are some of the details revealed so far except keeping the same cockpit like technical tools mounted in dashboard.

For stronger iron and steel, BMW X7 planning to launch in 2014, will have same engine as that of X6.  That is 4.4 liter V8 engine enough to pull up the vehicle in off road wanderings.  This 4.4 liter engine will be able to deliver 400 hp and 450lb.-ft of torque. Another option expected is, 3.0 liter inline six-cylinder engine with power rating 300 hp and 300 lb.-ft of torque.  Another following version, as revealed by one of top official, called M version will have 4.4-liter V8 engine, with 555 hp delivering power at 6,000 rpm and 500 lb-ft of torque.  On pressing down your right foot, the speedometer will swept 0 to 60 mph in around 5 seconds, and top speed is restricted electronically 155 mph, which arose as a drawback.

On launching this biggest SUV X7 in 2014, BMW will enter to the top of SUV market, an important step in BMW’s biz life, and there starts the tough competition with leading models like Cadillac Escalade and Lexus LX570.  Reviewers added that, the vehicle will be available from 2013 itself.
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