Corvette C7, the Best yet From Chevrolet
|   Monday, July 22, 2013
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The Chevrolet Corvette C7 is the perfect example of the best blend between emotion and ergonomics and Chevrolet knew what it had to achieve the day the designing began. For starters, the Corvette C7 features a light weight wire meshed cabin vent near the boot space of the vehicle and this effectively does away with the need for a motorized actuator present on previous models.

When the latch is opened, the contact patches on the wire mesh completes the circuit and the increase in temperature is controlled.
Once the latch is closed, the connection is cut off and an optimum temperature is maintained. General Motors went ahead and acquired all the 247 patens used on the vehicle and an approximately 200 motorized parts are used in the C7.
The use of smart materials such as aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium etc to complete the circuit is quite an efficient system as they are light weight yet strong enough to deal with most pressure points. Their voltage, temperature, stress, heat and magnetic field also return to the normal state after the connection is broken. Even though Chevrolet claims that the Corvette C7 is a completely balanced vehicle, track tests revealed that the weight bias was distributed to 49.4: 50.6 front / rear.

The electronic limited slip differential, christened the eLSD, is a standard addition to the Z51 performance package while the hydraulically activated clutch is a potential performance enhancing addition. The C7 also features an advanced Performance Traction Control, stability control along with a slew of other functionalities such as throttle position and steering column. The engine has an extensive range of heat exchangers considering the total amount of heat generated.

Compared to the Corvette C6, the C7 has huge modifications, both interior and exterior and this car is highly aerodynamic. Chevrolet tested the C7 at the wind tunnels for excessive aerodynamics and this seems to have paid off on the production version of the vehicle. Chevrolet estimated an initial price tag of $50,000 on the base model of the C7 since the initial days and considering the amount of electronics added to the car, the excess $1,400 is worth the deal.

The C7 also sports dedicated brakes from Brembo and the older drilled rotors have been replaced. Michelin was selected to provide the rubber for the ride and special tires are on offer in the Z51 package. The tire is designed based on the same technology as the one used in ALMS and Le Mans and has been specifically designed to take on high temperatures and wear and tear.

Chevrolet has designed the Corvette C7 quite efficiently and this is currently the flagship vehicle in the Corvette lineup. The C7 should be available across showrooms quite soon and the hype around this vehicle refuses to die down. It is not surprising considering the advantages the C7 enjoys that this vehicle is much in demand. In fact Chevrolet expects the Corvette C7 to be the best selling Vette yet to be unveiled.
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