Citroen C-Aircross To Debut At Geneva Motor Show
|   Monday, March 13, 2017
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Arriving as an alternative to compact hatchbacks, the Citroen C-Aircross has SUV proportions with a length of 4.15 m and a design that combines the C4 Cactus style with the colorful personality of the new C3.

The C-Aircross concept shows the vision that Citroen has for the compact SUV segment. To be more precise, a series version C-Aircross would compete with models like the Juke, Opel Mokka X, or Renault Captur. You might say that Citroen already has the C4 Cactus crossover that could attract the attention of rivals named above.
But there are differences, the most obvious difference between the two cars is the height, C4 Cactus is considerably shorter (1.48 m), while the length (4.16 m) and width (1.73 m) are close.

In addition, it is speculated that if it turns into production model, C-Aircross could take the place of the C3 Picasso in Citroen's range. But this scenario was not circulated by the French manufacturer.

For the interior, the approach is simplistic with regards to forms and organization, but it provides a modern interface for the infotainment system and advanced functions of connectivity. The head-up display, projection on a large size glass rectangle, is positioned where the traditional clocks or digital dashboard instrumentation are usually located. And in the middle of the dashboard, sits a 12-inch touch screen. The exterior mirrors role was taken by a video camera. To complete the view around the car, there is a video camera planted in the roof spoiler.

At the same time there is a video camera, HD Connected CAM, mounted behind the inside rearview mirror. This enables the driver to take pictures and videos which can be posted on social networks.

With the app Share with U and WiFi hotspot, the passengers can send each other media files (music, video, games). Also, passengers have access to the multifunction screen in the dashboard. The menu displayed on the screen can be split in 1/3 to 2/3 ratios, in order for more passengers to use the desired functions. Each passenger can listen the desired music without disturbing others, due to the speakers in the headrests, which creates a kind of bubble of sound around the head of each person. Thus, the passengers can choose whether they want to hear music only for them or for the others too.

As with the series model Citroen C4 Cactus, the C-Aircross concept has bench style seating. Also, the storage areas have been gifted with a very interesting solution. For example, there are special compartments in the sides of the front seatbacks. In the center console there is room for bags, as well as an induction (wireless) charging area for smartphones.

The feeling of space in the cabin is enhanced by the fact that this concept has mirrored opening doors and a panoramic roof that allows light to flood the inside.
During runtime, the feeling of freedom is given by the Grip Control system, which adapts to the road. The French manufacturer did not mention any information about the engine fitted on this concept, which looks quite ready to be adapted for series production. Even so, the message given by the C-Aircross is clear: Citroen is preparing an SUV with urban manners!
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