Audi Launches the 2014 Q5 Hybrid Turbo Diesel

Monday, August 26, 2013 - 11:39:49 
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Audi Launches the 2014 Q5 Hybrid Turbo Diesel Audi Launches the 2014 Q5 Hybrid Turbo Diesel Audi Launches the 2014 Q5 Hybrid Turbo Diesel Audi Launches the 2014 Q5 Hybrid Turbo Diesel Audi Launches the 2014 Q5 Hybrid Turbo Diesel Audi Launches the 2014 Q5 Hybrid Turbo Diesel Audi Launches the 2014 Q5 Hybrid Turbo Diesel Audi Launches the 2014 Q5 Hybrid Turbo Diesel Audi Launches the 2014 Q5 Hybrid Turbo Diesel
Audi has finally upgraded the Q5 SUV for a 2014 reveal. The Q5 is now powered by a 3.0 liter turbo diesel V6 engine, lifted off the Q7. Audi has primarily tested this engine in the American market, on the A3 TDI, followed by the Q7 TDI and the engine has pulled off successfully in the market on both occasions. The diesel powered V6 is a big addition to the Q5 and the engine is well reputed owing to its performance.

Audi also plans on using this engine on the A6 and the A7 sedans. The Q5 TDI could very well be the second best selling model of the lineup and the firm is making all preparations to propel sales forward. The Q5 was successfully introduced to the European market a few years back and this is the first time that the vehicle has received a major upgrade.

The engine is capable of displacing 240 BHP along with 428 ft lb of torque while the engine has been taken through a list of stringent tests which aim at checking the fuel efficiency and emission norms of the vehicle. Overall, the Q5 has passed all quality tests before being introduced to the American market and this goes on to prove the worth of the vehicle.

Fuel economy as a result is one of the primary targets which customers are looking at and the Audi claims that the Q5 will return a respectable 27 MPG on the combined scale. Audi is also looking forward to launch a hybrid version of the Q5 although the specifications of this engine are yet to be revealed.
The base price of the Audi Q5 is expected to start around $46,500 while the top ranged product is available for an extra $2,700.

Even though the engine is more powerful than the one used on the last generation, the Q5 could still use some power. Even though the engine is refined, minor vibrations are felt inside the cabin. Overall, the Q5 is a refined machine while the noise levels have been minimized. Diesel motors do have their down sides but the Q5 surely manages to impress on the overall ratings.

The Audi Q5 rivals the Lexus RX, BMW X5 and the Acura RDX. This is a very competitive segment and Audi is well aware of the needs of the company and the customers. As a result the Q5 features smoother controls, handling and transmission along with an efficient engine. Overall, the car sets its own benchmarks and is hence famous in the lineup.

The interior is fairly comfortable too and is made up of premium quality leather. The exterior is fairly complaint with the interior and the general trim and color combinations are similar. The car looks refined and has high aesthetic value. Audi is coming up with newer versions of the Q5 and every new car is expected to be unveiled by the end of 2014. No further details have surfaced till now and we will keep you updated as and when things happen.
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