2009 Travel Test: Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 2.0 CDTI

Monday, October 05, 2009 - 10:18:17 
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2009 Travel Test: Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 2.0 CDTI 2009 Travel Test: Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 2.0 CDTI
At 2100 kilometers you prefer to lay off in a comfortable car, which also provide sufficient space for four occupants and luggage. We looked out of the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer meets these requirements.

At Opel things were not too easy and the Vectra was not very successful model name. Opel radically changed course and started production of the Opel Insignia. The sedan showed in a previous road test all too comfortably alongside another stylish and affordable. Opel wanted the success of the Opel Insignia - which now has 140,000 times on the counter went further and extended to follow the Insignia: The Opel Insignia Sports Tourer. This break-version should respond to the demand for an affordable car that not only stylish and comfortable, but also still much luggage handle.

The successor of the Opel Vectra had a lot to prove. Previously we tested the Opel Insignia and his looks could tempt us all. The looks of the station wagon leave us cold. Opel managed the front of the sleek Insignia beautiful complete with a sleek and slightly sloping tailgate. The boot lid was designed with great attention to usability. The trunk is huge and very robust, but it does not see plundering the baggage, which 540 liter luggage handle. Put you back down, you can lose up to 1530 liters luggage. On the inside of the case, there are some smaller lights, which beams behind to show that a parked car with trunk open.
The tailgate could be opened and closed automatically, but as is often the case in such case valves, opening and closing is quite slow

To see if Opel succeeded in its intent, we decided to take the Opel Insignia on a trip to the south of France. 2104 kilometers, we laid down precisely with this car, to ensure a correct judgment order and in detail to tell what the positive points and negative points of what this car.

The test version of Opel meekregen we had to virtually every option fitted and had the 2.0 CDTI engine, which delivers 160 hp. The perfect combination between power and environmental friendliness, so we thought. And in retrospect, was also completely true. On the way we experienced no lack of power and the economy was indeed. Our average consumption amounted to 7.0 liters diesel per 100 km, 1 liter per 100 km more than the manufacturer. In all fairness to us, although we are not really economical reasons, but when we took an effort to drive economically, consumption came pretty close to 6 liter per 100 km.

The reason why we took no effort to conserve drive obviously be: The car is just very enjoyable to drive. We, particularly the French Autoroute and the 160 horses that we had available to heaven. Obviously, the Insignia is not only the larger highway driving, and also the small unlit paths he knew certainly the boss. Just push the Sport button and before you know your cruise with your Insignia a fairly large slope upwards at a speed you never thought possible.

We decided overnight to drive to our destination, the movement in Paris somewhat to avoid. The Insignia was this very well equipped. The single board computer that used to shine bright colors dimmed suddenly, for too many distractions to worry. The adaptive headlights to fit their increasingly depending on the lighting situation you drove. Accelerated you, then enlarged the beam itself, you had no oncoming traffic than the big lights went on and came suddenly it hit an oncoming vehicle, then the big lights dimmed itself automatically. Obviously the headlights turned into the direction of the car.

Not only the lights helped the visibility at night, the rear-view mirrors did their work. The dimming of the mirror was working automatically. Did someone hit with a strong light, then dimmed mirrors that light.

Also during the day caused the Insignia for additional lighting. A row on top of the daytime running light wall unit were constant and seemed to put extra Insignia in the paint. Moreover you can enjoy the panoramic roof during the day, although you only get if you unchecked the option list. This option allows you € 1,250 lighter, but the kids in the back will certainly enjoy.

The Park Expert system is a system that helps you in parking. If you want to park, the system scans the area and determine where the Insignia Sports Tourer easily fits and where not. Naturally, the sensors front and rear included. The system worked flawlessly and the system did indeed only the parking where the Insignia Sports Tourer fit. While you need less than 30 km / h drive to use this system to make.

Comfort is one of the requirements that we drew up and the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer has certainly over. The test model was equipped with a leather lining and any possible pinch after the Opel Eye. The navigation system proved particularly useful and always gave the correct path to a very orderly way. For example if you make a selection between different songs, but must change direction, the Insignia Sports Tourer in a very elegant way pop-ups again, exactly how to drive. Moreover, the traffic system scary accurate. As we crossed Paris, the system deletes us that we were up 7 minutes late. Indeed, for 7 minutes we experienced delayed traffic.

The multimedia system was highly organized, worked flawlessly and communication via the GSM was a lot easier thanks to the Opel Insignia. Step up to a mobile phone with bluetooth then you are immediately able to call. All calls were clearly audible to both caller and called.

Not only was the interior of the Insignia a comfortable place to stay, the adaptive suspension, called Flex Ride, there was substantial. This suspension consists of three different modes: Sport, Normal and Tour. When you press on Sports, Insignia harden his suspension so you can more quickly into the bends. The instrument panel also turns completely red in this position. When you press tour, the Insignia makes the trip more comfortable.

After about 200 km to have driven the car gave a message that the oil level on the low side. We stopped here for refilling, but the car continued to give the same message. Over time this message was true path, so chances are it is a small defect in either the electronics or flotter went. Although this problem is not widely known and therefore it may be true that this is an isolated case.

Another small disadvantage is that the car was not always as windproof. When your back trying to sleep when the car on the motorway, you will notice that you can hear quite some wind. Moreover, the sound when you are driving with no rear windows open to hear. In any car that is not sound to do, but the Insignia is the worse.

No doubt you noticed a careful reader that this article already - on or after 2 previous paragraphs - very positive, we were also very pleased with the Opel Insignia. Satisfaction usually cost a lot of money, but in the case of the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer is this so bad. The basic price of the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer with the Cosmo package amounts to € 30,500. Before you get all that reasonable comfort: 160 hp, air conditioning, an electric tailgate, automatic dimming mirrors, rain sensor, an electronic handbrake, front fog lights, wood finish and 18 "wheels.

The sum of 'our' Insignia Sports Tourer was thus amounts to € 38,874. A lot of money, indeed, but if you count the money down for the Insignia Sports Tourer, you really value for money. A Citroën C5 Tourer analogous features (extra 13 hp) will cost you € 41,580, a Ford Mondeo with similar equipment level cost you € 38,650. People who can not remain impassive in the looks of the Insignia Sports Tourer, but not for about € 38,000, it can buy the basic version which costs € 25,300 and has 115 hp.


Price +
+ Comfort
+ Looks

- Not sound proof
- Expensive option list
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