2009 Official: Volkswagen Amarok
|   Monday, December 07, 2009
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Volkswagen has pictures of its new pick-up, the Amarok, Sent the world. We saw earlier concept model, Differs little from the production model.

By 2010, the car should arrive in Europe. Amarok is a translation for Wolf, which should indicate the adventurous, wild and rugged features of this pick-up. Even though this is a pick-up truck, we see clearly that this is a Volkswagen. The front is very typical and the inside is completely in line with the other Volkswagen products.

The Amarok measuring 5.25 meters and has a load of 2.52 square meters. This would, Volkswagen of Amarok the pick-up with the most cargo space make. The load weight that can meezeulen Amarok is 1150 kg. Amarok, the default on ABS, ESP and Hill Hold Assistant. The wheels are standard 16 "wide, but obviously more can be chosen. The Trend Line package includes a radio with CD player and air conditioning and the Highline package is still 'ns 17 "wheels and bumpers in body color on top.

The pallet of the Amarok engine does not surprise us. The Amarok is launched with a 2.0 TDI engine delivers 163 horsepower and generates 400 Nm torque. Later, a tax-friendly version on the market with the same engine, but only 122 hp. Perhaps a little underpowered? The latter motor could drink 7.6 liters diesel per one hundred kilometers, the first motorization has 0.2 liters per km need.

The launch will take place in South America, by 2010 we can expect here Amarok. Obviously being the Amarok primarily intended for the South American market, thus include the radio and air conditioning is not standard.

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